Vision, Mission & Philosophy


  • Producing globally competent graduates capable of molding a creative, knowledgeable, and innovative society through a quality and balanced curriculum.
  • Providing students with a conducive learning environment supported by a professional workforce and innovative learning methods incorporating the latest technologies.
  • Encouraging and attaining international levels in standards, professionalism, and practices while maintaining local ethics and culture among the INTEC community.
  • Affiliating INTEC with local and international linkages and bodies involved in both public and private higher education through collaboration in academia and research.


To become an institution of choice, renowned for a high-quality education to develop individual potential through the diversity of learning experiences to produce globally competent graduates.


To provide a holistic quality curriculum recognized locally and internationally, conducive learning environment, and quality management that promotes excellence in scholarship, research, and society.


INTEC firmly believes that all individuals have the potential to develop intellectually, spiritually, and mentally to become future graduates capable of developing knowledge, self, society, and nation.