Student Placement


The Office of Student Services and Placement assists the students in the American Degree Foundation Programme, American Credit Transfer Programme, French Programme, Middle East Programme and Russian Programme in:

  • filling out the university application forms for admission to universities
  • choosing the appropriate universities based on sponsor’s requirements and students’ academic achievement
  • providing useful information about the placement and application of the university from time to time
  • processing the documents as well as forwarding the documents for translation where necessary to the appropriate agencies
  • sending those documents to the respective sponsoring bodies and agencies in Malaysia as well as to the universities in the United States
  • assisting students for their visa application
  • liaising with the placement officer of the respective universities especially in the United States if they are any queries from the students or for clarification of the query posed to the students
  • liaising with the sponsoring bodies and agencies for further follow-ups as well as clarify matters regarding students’ queries
  • helping students in filling in the respective forms for the SAT 1, SAT II and TOEFL external exams as well as clarifying queries on the process
  • answering questions regarding matters pertaining to the university application process from parents if any