Personal Data Act

Notice and Choice Principles

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act ('Act') 2010 to regulate the processing of personal data in commercial transactions, UiTM Private Education Sdn. Bhd (hereinafter referred to as 'us' or ‘we') is committed to ensure complete compliance with the Act.

This Notice gives you a good understanding on how we handle your personal data that we collect, process and store, either now and/or in the future. This document is also intended to give you, as a data subject, knowledge on how you can control our disclosure of such data. Please read, sign and date this notice to acknowledge that you understand and agree with its content.

We are processing your personal data

We need to collect and process your personal data where you are/can be a party for the purposes stated in item 3 of UiTM Private Education Sdn. Bhd. Personal Data Protection Policy. Generally, your personal data that we collect and process, include but not limited to:- Name, address, telephone number, identity card number/passport number, date of birth, photograph, email address, household information and any other personal data required for the purposes as set out below.

How do we use your data?

Generally, we will use your personal data to meet the purpose for which your personal data may be used and further processed for the following purposes:

  • To communicate with you for any notification and inquiry;
  • To process your application for admission and placement in INTEC Education College as well as in local and international Higher Education Institutions;
  • To verify your identity and background;
  • To provide you with information and/or updates on academic and non-academic programmes;
  • To respond to inquiries or complaints regarding any matters relating to us;
  • To fulfil practical training needs with external organizations, placement or work experience other than relevant programmes and co-curricular activities;
  • For direct marketing purposes through SMS, phone calls, e-mails, faxes;
  • To assist in direct marketing via SMSes, phone calls, e-mails, faxes, letters, social media and/or any suitable communication channels;
  • To send invitations for participation in our events, promotional activities, and  product launches;
  • To help you participate in any of our activities and events including competitions, promotional activities, and campaigns;
  • To monitor, review and improve our events and promotions, as well as products and/or services;
  • For internal administration purposes involving facilities at INTEC Education College such as library, laboratory, and others;
  • To keep and update internal records such as personal information as well as academic and non-academic records;
  • To record alumni data for the purpose of graduation and alumni related events;
  • To operate and process any payments related to services such as fee rates and other payments;
  • To conduct market research or surveys, internal marketing analysis, customers profile, customers’ pattern and preference analysis, planning and statistical analysis, as well as trends related to the improvement of our programmes;
  • To share the Personal Data when required by sponsors, programmes certification bodies, local and international higher education institutions, auditors for internal auditing and reporting, as well as insurance companies to apply for and obtain insurance policy, risk and safety management, etc. 
  • To track, investigate and prevent frauds, forbidden activities that is  illegal and unauthorized by law;
  • To enable us to perform our responsibility and enforce our rights under any agreements and documents where we are a party;
  • To fulfil any requirements of enforced laws and rules and disclose under the requirements of any enforced laws, regulations, directives, court orders, guidelines, directives, court orders, by-laws, guidelines, circulars or canon law enforced against us.

How is your data collected?

  • Most, if not all, of your personal data was obtained from you, either from the following sources or from any other information you provided:
  • When you register your details on the website for product and service inquiries;
  • When you complete a new student registration form and a new student information form, as well as request or apply to register as INTEC Education College students (telephone registration, courier registration,  walk-in registration, or electronic registration);
  • When you communicate directly with the officers from the academic department, marketing unit or any of our representatives at INTEC Education College (face to face, e-mail, telephone, courier, or through any other medium) regarding our product and services;
  • When you make any financial transactions to INTEC Education College;
  • When you join, and when you interact with us during promotions, contests, tournaments, lucky draws, or special events at our location;
  • When you participate in surveys or other researches; or
  • If you are a candidate applying for a position at INTEC Education College or when you fill out forms regarding recruitment and selection process for evaluation purposes. We may also collect information about you from your referees provided that you have given us your consent.

Your Rights

You may request access to and request correction to your personal data. To exercise your rights, you will have to submit the “Application Form to Access/Update Personal Data”. You may obtain a copy of this form from:

Quality Assurance and Compliance, INTEC Education College

Telephone Number     : 03 – 5522 7032
Fax Number                : 03 – 5522 7065
E-mail                          :

Any request to exercise your rights shall be administered as per the Act. Please be informed that pursuant to the Act, your request may be rejected in certain circumstances.

To whom we may disclose your information

Your personal data will be kept confidential but it may be provided or disclosed to third parties for the purposes stated above. Whilst we do not disclose your information to any third parties unless it is within the ambit of permitted disclosures under prevailing laws/guidelines and/or you have consented to such disclosure, we may disclose your information to the categories of parties as listed below (not restricted to):

  • Ministries, government agencies, law enforcement agencies, courts, tribunals, regulatory bodies, industry regulators, ministries, and or agencies or statutory bodies, offices or municipalities in any jurisdiction, where required or authorized to do so to comply with any law, regulation, orders or inquiry from relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Education, Immigration Department of Malaysia, foreign embassies and its appointed agencies;
  • Students’ sponsors including parents/guardians;
  • Third parties that provide practical training;
  • Professional Body or Accreditation and Examination Body;
  • Third parties appointed by INTEC to provide services to the institution such as auditors, lawyers, suppliers, training provider companies, and insurance companies;
  • Any other institutions or companies under UiTM Holdings Sdn. Bhd.
  • Immediate family member and/or individuals that may be contacted during emergencies that can notify us with important updates from time to time;
  • Data centers and/or servers located within Malaysia for data storage purposes;
  • The public when you win a contest by publishing your name, photo and your other Personal Data without compensation for advertising and publicity purposes;
  • Should there be any potential, proposal or actual sale/disposal of any of our services or interests, inclusion, acquisition, consolidation, organizational restructuring, financing practices or sales of our associated assets, or if winding up ("Transactions"), we require your Personal Data to be disclosed or transferred to a third party, as a result of, or in connection with, the Transactions. You hereby acknowledge that this disclosure and transfer may occur and you have allowed us to disclose and transfer your Personal Data to such third party and adviser/representative; and / or
  • Any individual which reasonably require the same in order for us to operate and maintain the business or carry out the activities stated in the Purposes.

Limiting the processing of personal data

Although, as stated above, we only process your personal data for purposes stated above, in the event your personal data is being processed for other purposes (with your consent), you have a right to request us to stop such processing. You may exercise this right by contacting INTEC Education College’s Quality Assurance and Compliance.

Provision of Information

As an individual who provides your personal data to us, you have the right to decide what information that you wish to provide. However, please be informed that some of the information that we requested for are obligatory information for us. In the event if you choose not to provide and/or fail to supply us with such personal data, please note that it may necessarily mean that we will not be able to provide the full range of products, services and/or facilities for the purposes stated above.

We reserve the right to review and/or amend this Notice from time to time and will communicate such changes along with the updated Policy on our website, and/or other appropriate communication means as may be determined by us.



1.1       This is the personal data privacy policy (Policy) of UiTM Private Education Sdn. Bhd. (we);

1.2       This policy related to personal information about individuals (students, parents, public) that we hold. We only will process your Personal Data according to Personal Data Protection Act 2010, rules, guidelines, approved orders under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and any statutory amendment or formulation under the Privacy Data Protection Act 2010 from time to time (acronym as PDPA) and this policy as well;

1.3       PDPA require us to inform you your rights of your Personal Data that was still in process or will be gathered and process later by us and the aim of the data process. PDPA also require us to have your permission to process your Privacy Data. By consider the PDPA, we are committed to protect and hold the importance of your Privacy Data;

1.4       By preparing your Privacy Data to us and/or continuously accessing to our web page (Web), you have confirmed that you have read and understand this Policy and agreed for us to process your Privacy Data according to the steps that have been stated by this Policy;

1.5       We have rights to change, rearrange or to amend this policy from time to time with a reasonable notice to you beforehand. We will inform you of any amendment through the announcement from our website or with any suitable way. Please check our website from time to time to know if there is any amendment to this policy. Any amendment of this Policy will be enforced right after the notice was released to you. By continuously using our services and/or access the Web after being told of any amendment of this Policy, you are considered to have agreed and accepted the amendment;

1.6       If you disagree with this Policy or any other amendment we cannot prepare any services to you and you may need to close any business related to us;


2.1       The term ‘Personal Data” means any information in our hands or our control that relate directly or indirectly to any individual until how far the individual can be recognised or able to recognise from there, and other information in our hands like name, address, telephone number, Identification Card (IC)/ Passport number, birth date, picture, e-mail address, household information etc. The type of collected Personal Data depends on the aim of its collection. We may “process” your Personal Data by collecting, recording, holding, keeping, using and/or revealing it;

2.2       Your Personal Data may be collected from you when dealing with us with anyway or style including any business and/or communication that being made from/with us. We can collect your Personal Data from various source, including unlimited, in any program like INTEC Open Day, seminar and tours, satisfactory survey, the customer that is sponsored and/or funded by us, and available public source. Several examples on how the Personal Data can be collected:

  • Register your details on the web for product and services questions
  • When you have completed the new student registration form and new student information form, request or application to register as INTEC students (through telephone, by personal, post, or by electronics)
  • When you communicate straight from the officer from the academic section, marketing unit or any of our representative from INTEC regarding our product and services, (by face to face, through e-mail, telephone, direct post or any other ways)
  • When you do any transaction involving payments in INTEC
  • When you join, and when you interact with us in any promotion, contest, tournament, lucky draw, unique events in our location.
  • Taking part in our survey or any other researchers; or
  • If you are one of the candidates that apply for jobs when you fill up the forms of recruitment and selection process for appraisal purposes. We also can collect your information from referrals that you have named where you have permitted us to do so.

2.3       As an addition, we also receive, keep and process your Personal Data that has been prepared or able to prepare by the third party, like sponsorship, previous Education Institute, law enforcement agency, and other government entity for reasons including our product and/or services, sponsorship management, students local or international placement, implementation of agreement terms and/or abide our law and rule responsibilities.


Personal data that has been prepared/supplied by you to us or collected from you through other sources can be done to fulfill the aim from the time it being referred/collected, can be processed for these purposes, (being collectively referred as "Purposes")

  • To contact you for any announcement and inquiries;
  • To process admission application and your placement in INTEC than other local and International Higher Education Institute;
  • To confirm your introduction and background;
  • To prepare you for any information and/or update of any academic and non-academic programs;
  • To react to any inquiries or complaints related to any affairs with us;
  • To fulfill the needs of practical training with outer organization, placement or work experience other than related programs and co-curricular activity;
  • For straight marketing purposes through SMS, phone calls, e-mails, faxes, letters, social media and/or any other suitable communication channels;
  • To send invitation for joining our events and promotion and our product launch;
  • To ease you by taking part of, and manage any events including contest, promotions, and campaigns;
  • To supervise, review and improve our events and promotion, products and/or services;
  • For inner administration purpose for use of facilities in INTEC like library, laboratory and others;
  • To preserve and update inner records keeps like personal information, academic and non-academic records;
  • To record our alumni data for graduation purpose and events related to alumni;
  • To handle and processing any payment related to services like fee payments and other payments;
  • To construct marketing research or survey, inner marketing analysis, customer profiling analysis, customers pattern and choice analysis, designing and analysis of static and flow direction regarding improving our program;
  • To share any Privacy Data for the needs of sponsorships, inner audit certificate body, local and international higher education institute, auditors for our inner audit and report, insurance company for apply and get the insurance policy, risk management and safety etc;
  • To track, investigate and prevent cheats, forbidden activity or unauthorized by law;
  • To enable us to take responsibility and empower our rights under any agreements or documents where we are as representative;
  • To fulfill any requirements of the laws and the enforced rules and stated reveals under the needs of any laws, rules, orders, court orders, small laws, instructions, Circulars or enforced Code to us.

And you have agreed and allowed us to use and process your personal data for these Purposes in a recognizable method in the policy. If you did not allow us to process the personal data for one or more than one Purposes, please contact us through contact details below:


Your Personal Data collection by us may be mandatory or voluntary in a sense, depends on the Purpose of your Personal Data collected. Where it is compulsory for you to provide us the said data, or disallow the stated matter above or this policy, we cannot provide the product and/or the services or any other deal with you;


We will not sell, rent, transfer or expose any of your personal data to a third party without your consent. However, we may reveal your personal data for the said third party, for one or more purposes above:

Government, government agency, law enforcement agency, court, tribunal, regulatory body, set industry officer, government, and/or agency or statutory body, office or urbanization in any field, if needed or given power to do so, to comply any laws, rules, orders or inquiries from authorities like The Ministry of Health, Immigration Department of Malaysia, embassy and other selected agencies:

  • Student’s sponsorships including parents/guardians;
  • Third parties that provide practical training;
  • Professional “body” or Accreditation and Examination;
  • Third parties that have been selected by INTEC to prepare services for the college like auditor, lawyer, supplier, training preparation company, insurance company,
  • Any other institution or company under UiTM Holdings Sdn. Bhd;
  • Close family member and/or contacted people when emergency that may be told to us from time to time;
  • Data center and/or server that is in Malaysia for data storage purpose;
  • Public when you become winner in a contest by presenting your name, picture and your other Personal Data without preparation to commercialize and publicity purpose;
  • If there is potential, any suggestion or real sale/ disposal from our services or importance, inclusion, acquisition, consolidation, organisation rearrangement, funding practice or asset sales related to us, or if the winding (Transactions), your Personal Data are needed to be exposed or to be transferred to the third party, as an effect from, or related to, Transactions. With expose and transfer this, you are admitted that this exposure and transfers can happen and allow us to expose and transfer your data to the said third party and advisor/representative; and/or
  • Any reasonable people that also need us to handle and maintain business or perform any activity that has been stated in the Purposes


We aim to keep all the Personal Data in one place, complete, not confusing, latest, reliable. Therefore, the precision of your Personal Data depends on how many information you have prepared. Thus, this is one condition for us to prepare to you the product, services and/or facilities that you:

  • Guarantee and declare that all Personal Data that is to be or will be presented to us are precise, not confusing, latest and complete in every aspect for acquisition purposes or using the suitable product, services and/or appliances, and you do not hold any Personal Data that may be important in any way possible and with that, we are empowered to assume the precision and update of the Personal Data that has been given by you when processing said data; and
  • Immediately update to us and when the previous Personal Data became unprecise, incomplete, confusing, out of the present time or change in any way possible by contacting us through the contact details below:


7.1       Subject to an exemption provided under PDPA, you are entitled to apply access to, the request to copy, request to update and correct your Personal Data that we hold. We can charge a small fee (the amount as permitted by PDPA) to cover administrative costs that related in proses your request to access your Personal Data.

7.2       Regarding your rights to accessing and/or correcting your Personal Data, we have the rights to decline your request to access or correct your personal data for allowed reasons under the law, as being said where danger of preparing the access to you is unfair to the risk of your privacy, or where other rights has been breach, one of the reasons;

7.3       You have the rights at any time to ask us to limit the process and usage of your Personal Data (for example, ask us to stop sending any marketing and promotion or contact you for marketing purposes).

7.4       In addition, you also have rights, with written notice, to tell is about retraction (full or partial) prior permission given to us subject to any limitation of enforced law, contractual terms and reasonable time limit for retraction of authorization for it to be executed. However, the withdrawal of your permission will result in some legal implications arising from effects of withdrawal of such interest. In this situation, depends on how far your withdrawal permission for us to process your Personal Data, this means that we cannot continue your available connection with us or bound by contract together with our need to be terminated.


Any of your prepared Personal Data to us will be maintained if the continuous purpose of the Personal Data is collected; later your Personal Data will be terminated from our record and system according to our retention policy if your Personal Data is not needed for that purposes except further retention needed for fulfilling longer retention period to meet our management, legal and regulatory requirements.


9.1       We are committed to making sure your personal data be kept Insafe. To prevent unauthorized access, exposure or other similar risks, we try, where practical, to create the law, perform technical, physical, electronic and procedural safeguard measures in accordance with the law and empowered rules and standard industries to guarantee from and blocks your Processing Personal data which is illegal or unlawful, and accidental terminate, or loss damage, unauthorized modification, disclosure or access to your Personal Data.

9.2       We will do a reasonable update to the safety measures from time to time and make sure only third party allowed to use your Personal Data for stated Purposes in the Policy.

9.3       We will create various safety ordinance regarding the Web and your electronic communication to us. All our employees and data processing, that have the access, and related to your Personal Data processing is responsible to respect the secrecy of your Personal Data.

9.4       We cannot and cannot receive responsibilities for unauthorized access or circumvention for the loss of the Personal Data out of our reasonable control.


On how far you have prepared (or will prepare) your Personal Data regarding your family, friends and/or any other liability, you have verified that you have explained to them that their Personal Data will be prepare and process by us and you represent and guarantee that you have their permission for the processing (including disclosure and transfer) their Personal Data according to this Policy and regarding for underage (individual under 18 years old) or individual which is unqualified under the law, you have confirmed that they have selected you to take action for them, to allow on their behalf  for processing (including disclosure and transfer) their Personal Data according to the policy.


The technology appliances and our server may be in another jurisdiction outside Malaysia. This can include, but not limited to, a situation where the Personal Data can be stored on the server outside of Malaysia. In addition, your Personal Data may be revealed or transfer to an entity outside Malaysia or where you can access the Web from the country outside Malaysia. Please pay attention that this overseas entity can exist in any countries that may not offer the same level of data protection level UITM in Malaysia under the Malaysia law. With that, you hereby expressly allow us to transfer your Personal Data to an outside of Malaysia for that purposes. We will make sure the reasonable method will be taken to work on your Personal Data other than the Purposes part and to protect the secrecy and privacy of your Personal Data.


12.1     External link – If any parts of your link page with another webpage, the web page won't be operational under this Policy and we will not take any responsibility or liabilities arising from that web page. We suggest that you read and understand the privacy protection/personal data statement/policy that has been posted on the other web pages to understand their procedure to collect, process, use and expose the Personal Data and before you submit your Personal Data to those web pages.

13. Contact details

If you have any inquiry regarding this policy, or have further questions, or wanted to complain or access the data or request correction regarding Personal Data, you can contact us in contact details below:

Data Protection Officer

Nurul Munira Binti Mohd Ali
Address: INTEC Education College, Jalan Senangin Satu 17/2A, Section 17 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.
Contact Number : +(603) 5522 7000
E-mail :