Diploma in Scientific Halal Practices


The purpose of this program is to produce pioneers in Scientific Halal who are involved in the implementation of halal practices in many different industries in Malaysia especially food service, pharmaceutical, logistics, manufacturing, and management. In this program, students will be equipped with scientific theory and practical skills as well as the Syariah Halal field. This programme meets the urgent needs of expertise in the Halal industry worldwide. Graduates from this programme able to work with others in business and entrepreneurial activities related to this industry.


University Pathway:

  • Bachelor of Shariah (Hons) – Halal Industry (USIM)
  • Bachelor of Halal Industry Management (Hons) (UiTM)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Food Science and Technology (UiTM)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Food Biotechnology (USIM)
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Food Science and Technology (UPM)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Transport (UiTM)

Career Pathway:

  • Equip students with Certified Halal Executive
  • Kursus Asas Pengendalian Makanan (Basic Certificate)


  • Growth of the industry: In Malaysia, the growth of Halal industries extended to various field as more people convince on halal products. Furthermore, this field is practiced worldwide seems it is in high demand now.
  • Size of the industry: Halal industry covers a wide range of sectors specifically in food industry, modest fashion, tourism, logistic and pharmaceutical field. It means that career opportunities in this field are wide and not limited to a few sectors only.
  • Career opportunities all over the world: The Halal industry is also growing globally. It is supported Malaysian as halal hub in Asian region and is ranked as No 1 in term of halal economy, many foreign countries are referring to our expertise in Malaysia to embed the halal regulation in their countries.
  • In conclusion, this diploma program is such a front door for students to venture into a broad and rapidly growing industry.