Diploma in Islamic Finance


The purpose of this program is to produce students who are knowledgeable in the field of Islamic finance. In this program, students will be exposed to Islamic education and its relationship to finance. Students will learn the features of Islamic finance and its application in the financial industry. 


Bachelor in Islamic banking / Islamic finance / muamalat.


  • UUM - Bachelor of Islamic Finance and Banking
  • UiTM - Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking)
  • UNISZA - Bachelor of Business Management (Islamic Finance)
  • USIM - Bachelor of Islamic Banking and Finance
  • UMK - Bachelor of Business Administration (Islamic Banking and Finance)
  • IIUM - Bachelor of Science (Islamic Finance)


  • The student will get an Associate Qualification in Islamic Finance. It is the first level certificate out of three levels that enable the student to obtain a Certified Qualification in Islamic Finance.
  • Growth of the industry: In Malaysia, the growth of Islamic finance is faster than conventional. It means the demand for human resources in this field will increase from year to year.
  • Size of the industry: Islamic finance covers a vast range of sectors like banking, insurance, capital market, and social finance. It means that career opportunities in this field are wide and not limited to a few sectors only.
  • Career opportunities all over the world: The industry is also growing globally. Since Malaysia recognized as one of the best countries in Islamic finance, many foreign countries are interested in obtaining human resources from Malaysia.
  • In conclusion, this diploma program is such a front door for students to venture into a broad and rapidly growing industry.