KTJ's Success in Monkasho Examination

Students taking Foundation in Science for Japanese Universities at INTEC Education College have shown yet another remarkable achievement. In the recent MONKASHO Examination, all 41 students passed all subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Japanese Language, and English. 2017 is the fourth consecutive year that 100% of students in this programme passed this meticulous qualifying examination.

Tan Bee Bee tops the rank with an overall score of 97.2, closely followed by Yu Jia Xin (97.0), Chai Xu Min (95.7), Lim Jing Ren (95.0), David Lau Bi Da (94.5), Tay Theng Min (94.3), Mohamed Kamal Irfan bin Mohd Asri (93.8), Fatini Athirah Binti Mohmad Fadzeli (93.2), Low Jing Ching (93.2), and Raja Akmal Firdaus bin Raja Abdul Kadir (93.2). The average mark is 88.9 percent.

Tan Bee Bee and Mohamed Kamal Irfan also displayed outstanding performance when both of them aced impeccably in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Yu Jia Xin obtained the highest score in Japanese language (197/200), while Kuan Khai Yi scored the highest in English (96 percent). Eight students scored 100 percent in Mathematics, while nine students obtained perfect score in Physics, and four students excelled impeccably in Chemistry.

33 out of the 41 students will be honoured with the Excellence Award given by INTEC Education College. This award is annually given to Foundation in Science for Japanese Universities’s students who achieve 85 percent and above, alongside outstanding students from other programmes. This year, the Excellence Award ceremony is scheduled to be held on February 27th.


Foundation in Science for Japanese Universities has been run at INTEC since 1983 as the government’s initiative to prepare JPA students for tertiary education in colleges and universities in Japan. Being taught mostly by native Japanese educators and experienced local educators, students are intensively exposed to Japanese language from the first semester onwards. INTEC is now inviting SPM/O-Level leavers to join the Japanese Preparatory Programme and meet our Japanese Language sensei such as Kobayashi Satoko, sensei Nezu Mimiko, sensei Hoshino Shoko, sensei Kudo Shojin, sensei Hassan Awang Boon, sensei Jasmini Ismail and sensei Abdul Halim Mamat.