Proven Formula for Success

IPAC consists of a team of lecturers who have been trained by Brierly Price Prior (BPP) UK. IPAC works closely with BPP UK to create and maintain an effective and interactive learning environment. This formula has been proven with our excellent passing rates over the recent years.

“IPAC is a known and proven Professional Accountancy Institution that provides world class learning atmosphere. The qualified lecturers, facilities and of course the passing rate is outstanding!”

Mohd Zaffarin Abdullah Ghaffar
Career: 25 years’ experience in marketing and business development
Position: CEO, Sciensterra Sdn. Bhd.

“I choose IPAC for my daughter to continue her study journey after SPM because I am very confident of IPAC’s ability in facilitating her to pursue professional accountancy qualifications for upstanding Malaysian bumiputera. My personal opinion is that currently there is high demand for Professional Accountants but less bumiputera Professional Accountant in the industry.”

Noor Tuah Jaafar
Career: Head of planning Oil & Gas Engineer
Position/Company: Hess Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

“IPAC met my expectations in facilitating my daughter to pursue ACCA. I choose IPAC because currently, the demand for Professional Accountants is really high.”

Azlin Fazrina Mokhtar
Career: Contract & Procument Manager
Position/Company: Puncak Niaga Construction Sdn. Bhd.

“I choose IPAC because I want bright future for my children and I am confident in IPAC ability to meet my children learning needs. However, I believe that IPAC can improve their facilities for better environment.”

Dr. Hj Abdullah Ismail
Career: Consultant
Position/Company: Progressive Career Resources

“IPAC has proven their ability to provide the best education based on student achievements. Moreover, I also believe that IPAC can help my child to be the best by providing well trained lecturers and also good facilities.”

Khatijah Hussin
Position/Company: Sekolah Menengah Pintu Geng

“IPAC is my choice because the passing rates are above the world rates and they have high standards of teaching and experienced lecturers. In addition, there are scholarship opportunities at IPAC. I am very confident with IPAC because IPAC work together with world leading accounting bodies.”

Aziz Kamat
Career: Manager
Position/Company: Brother Industries M Sdn. Bhd.

“I choose IPAC based of good ratings for accountancy. I believe IPAC will provide the best, in terms of accounting expertise, materials and services in order to educate my child.”

Kamaruddin Mohd Yusoff
Career: Former Soldier
Position/Company: TUDM

“I chose IPAC because it is considered to be a platinum learning provider by ACCA, and I want the best for my child. Besides that, IPAC education is not only about the development of student academically, but also towards the soft skills that are needed for the students after graduating. Based upon my son’s previous achievements in both academically and curriculum I am confident with IPAC.”

Rozita Hassan
Position/Company: University Sains Malaysia

“I chose IPAC because it is my son’s first choice after doing his own research about universities after completing his SPM and this is my personal opinion, IPAC is the best ACCA tuition provider in Malaysia. I am confident with IPAC in fulfilling my child’s learning needs.”

Norzurawati Ishak
Career: Lawyer
Position/Company: Zura & Attiya Sdn. Bhd.

“IPAC is among the pioneers in ACCA programme and produce good student’s result. I have high confident with IPAC since the institution has highly experienced and dedicated lecturers. ACCA programme is very taxing to my daughter’s well-being due to her health condition, but with supportive lecturers, classmates and IPAC management, it alleviates some of the struggles that she faced during the course.”

Career: Senior Lecturer
Position/Company: UiTM