comprehensive pastoral care services

Full time, qualified and experienced academic and administrative staff are ready and available to assist you throughout your stay at INTEC residential college. This emphasizes our commitment to help you through difficult circumstances and guiding you for career and university choices. We are committed to helping you develop positive values and a variety of useful skills to enhance character building and help you bridge the cultural gap to cope with student life overseas. We have organized activities specially for motivation and team building. You may also join the wide variety of club available on campus or in the residential colleges, such as the Culture, Art and Theater Club, Tostmasters International, Camping and Hiking Club and others to enable you to network meaningfully with students in different programmes at INTEC.

We have a mentor-mentee programme designed to provide you with additional support as you work toward achieving your goals of furthering your education overseas. The are also qualified counsellors and trained academic staff who can help you overcome you anxieties in academic, spiritual and social matters.