Comprehensive Care Services

INTEC has successfully produced more than 30,000 well-rounded graduates and outstanding professionals since 1982. With the support of a qualified and experienced academician, INTEC is committed to teaching & guiding the students to achieve excellent results in international examination standards.

INTEC assists the students to develop positive values and a variety of useful skills to enhance character building, which will bridge the cultural gap to cope with abroad & industrial settings.

INTEC has organized an array of motivation and team building activities where students may join the wide variety of clubs available such as the culture, art and theatre club, toastmasters international, camping, and sports.

These co-curriculum activities are provided to enable the students to expands their network meaningfully with students from different academic programmes at INTEC.

In addition, INTEC provides mentor-mentee platforms designed to guide the students with additional support as they work towards achieving goals of furthering overseas education. There are also qualified counselors and trained academicians who can help the students overcome anxieties in academic, spiritual, and social life.

INTEC consistently produces World Prize Winner & achieve the above world passing rate for Professional Accountancy Programmes such as ACCA and ICAEW.