Security Office


The Security Unit of INTEC is to enforce the college’s rules and regulations. This unit consists of the following sections to handle specific duties:

  • Traffic Section
  • Investigations Section
  • Operations Section
  • Administration & Logistics Section

The Security Unit has the following duties:

  • Maintain security / Safety of property
  • Control discipline of INTEC students
  • Prevent and control fires
  • Control traffic
  • Investigate cases
  • Observe CCTV
  • Conduct Training


To maintain a peaceful campus environment which is free from all threats to life and property and uphold the good name of the university by controlling security and providing a service of excellent quality to the campus community and the general public.

Security Services

These services are carried out by conducting inspections at specific places and patrolling areas and places which are approved by the college authorities. The aims of these inspections are:

  • To prevent crime from happening generally
  • To check on buildings
  • To check on suspicious individuals who may harbor criminal intentions
  • To monitor the entry of outsiders into the university campus
  • To prevent and control fire outbreaks before the presence of the Fire Brigade or the INTEC Security Force
  • To check on the security of the fences
  • To carry out other related duties

Counter Services

The following services are provided at service counter:

  • To complain about loss of INTEC properties
  • To complain about loss of personal property
  • To complain about a crime
  • To complain about an accident on campus
  • To register vehicles of students, staff and contractors
  • To check on traffic summonses of students
  • To file miscellaneous complaints