Human Capital Office


The Human Capital Office is located on the 1st Floor of Block F. The main functions of this office include the following:

  • Staff Employment & Contract Staff Benefits
  • Staff Development (Training)
  • Transportation
  • General Administration
  • Telecommunications  & Functions Organization


  • To offer an effective and  innovative service which meets the specified  objectives of INTEC
  • To offer an effective service which satisfies the aspirations and sensitivities of all clients

Staff Employment & Benefits Activity Unit

  • Plan the advertisement for available appointments
  • Organise interviews for staff intake
  • Prepare offer letters for employment of local and foreign contract staff
  • Manage all administrative matters for part-time lecturers
  • Prepare contract renewals for local and foreign staff
  • Obtain visas from the Immigration Department and make travelling and hotel arrangements for staff going overseas
  • Allocate the placement of staff
  • Process salary payments for foreign staff
  • Manage the computation of staff salaries, allowances and other emoluments
  • Determine the period of confirmation of currently employed staff
  • Maintain personal files of staff
  • Manage all matters pertaining to staff leave.
  • Manage all procurement matters (office equipment, vehicles and others), petty cash funds, payment of salaries of contract staff and staff overtime allowances
  • Manage the payment of claims submitted by part-time lecturers
  • Cooperate with Facilities’ Management Office for all hall booking matters.
  • Maintain staff punch card records

Staff Development and Training Activity Unit

  • Arrange training programmes for all INTEC staff
  • Prepare letters of appointment for the chairperson and committee members of the Training Committee
  • Process the application of training requested by the staff
  • Handle all training matters related to the following:
    • Preparation of invitation letters for training
    • Preparation of equipment needed for all training sessions
    • Preparation of certificates of participation for all staff who have attended the training session

Transportation Activity Unit

  • Oversee all types of vehicles used at INTEC
  • Handle all matters related to the transport
  • Handle vehicle breakdowns, repairs, renewals of permits, road tax, Touch & Go and the purchase of petrol and vehicles
  • Supervise driver's overtime work

Correspondence Activity Unit

  • Receive all letters for INTEC
  • Record and distribute letters received to the relevant departments
  • Separate usual letters from those which are couriered
  • Handle the dispatch of letters to other departments outside INTEC

Telecommunications Activity Unit

  • Manage all telephone matters (make & receive calls) pertaining to INTEC
  • Maintain record of calls and monthly telephone bills
  • Follow up on all requests for new lines and reports of malfunctions
  • Handle all matters related to the fax machine use in the Administrative Office