Finance Office


The Finance Office is responsible for all financial matters which concern of INTEC Education College.


General Administration Section

  • To record incoming and outgoing letters
  • To record staff leave forms
  • To prepare punch card reports
  • To manage general filing and personal files
  • To procure office equipment / stationery

Miscellaneous Payment Section

  • To handle services and suppliers
  • To prepare coordination of Franking Machine
  • To prepare coordination of Petty Cash
  • To administer entertainment payment
  • To manage payment for books and magazines
  • To administer medical payment
  • To administer payment for services and suppliers
  • To administer staff training payment
  • To prepare Tender / Contractor Invoices for LHDN

Staff Payment Section

  • To process advanced payment for travelling, miscellaneous and research
  • To administer overtime allowances / payments
  • To prepare cheque payments
  • To administer honorarium payments
  • To prepare staff income statements
  • To prepare gratuity payments

Student Payment Section

  • To prepare the allowances of JPA and Kementerian Pendidikan scholars
  • To prepare loan repayments for Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional
  • To prepare claims for payments from private students
  • To prepare claims for payments from sponsors
  • To administer students’ examination fee payments

Receiving Section

  • To receive payments from students, staff, companies and sponsors
  • To handle fixed savings investments
  • To prepare (PAW) Money Flow Statements
  • To bank-in all receiving money / payments

Finance Unit Zone 19

  • To be in charge of Music and Education Faculties’ accounts
  • To administer students' registration process
  • To administer students' bills and invoices
  • To administer students' meal allowances
  • To administer travelling allowances, advanced payments, etc.

Procurement Department

  • To handle tender biddings
  • To manage tender offers
  • To handle company’s registration
  • To handle approval letters and issuing of Departmental memos

Property Management, Enforcement and Storage Department

  • To administer the properties of INTEC
  • To upkeep INTEC’sfixed assets
  • To be in-charge of obsolete goods to be presented to the Board of Obsolescence Meeting
  • To manage the sale of obsolete stocks
  • To issue bills to tenants for space rental
  • To handle the receiving and issuing of goods
  • To conduct stock checks

Budget Department

  • To manage and prepare the annual budget forecast
  • To manage students' accounts
  • To handle purchase of airline tickets

Accounts Department

  • To deal with closure of accounts
  • To handle internal and external queries
  • To prepare the General Ledger and Monthly Cash Book
  • To make monthly bank reconciliation