Facilities' Management Department


Facilities’ Management Office is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and other infrastructure in INTEC and also Cemara, Akasia and Cendana Colleges.


  • Regulate in-door and out-door cleaning works
  • Regulate landscape, sanitary and pest-control works
  • Mechanical, electrical and civil projects

Departmental and Function


  • Upgrading offices and colleges buildings and space.
  • Renovate offices and colleges building and space.
  • New project for landscape and infra.


  • Repair and maintain building civil
  • Repair and maintain landscape infra
  • Maintain cleaning services
  • Maintain pest control services
  • Maintain sanitary bin services
  • Maintain domestic waste disposal service.


  • Upgrading air-conditioning plant
  • Replacement air-conditioning unit
  • Upgrading firefighting and alarm system, CO2 system


  • Repair and maintain air-conditioning plant
  • Repair and maintain air-conditioning unit
  • Repair and maintain INTEC vehicles (official)
  • Repair and maintain panel control, motors and pumps, emergency lights etc.
  • Repair and maintain firefighting extinguishers, hose reel, alarm panel, fire hydrant, CO2 system


  • All civil projects involved with electrical.
  • All mechanical projects involved with electrical.
  • Additional electrical wiring.


  • Repair and maintain wiring and installation.
  • Repair and maintain electrical substation.
  • Repair and maintain street/compound lighting.
  • Maintain and troubleshooting blackout.